Ⓒ Tourism and Events Queensland

Running a tourism business

Information to help your tourism business be adaptable and resilient including tips and strategies, and how to prepare your business for risks.


Tourism Business Health Check

Learn what to do so your tourism business can bounce back strongly after a crisis.

Prepare your tourism and hospitality business for disasters

Learn how to prepare your tourism or hospitality business for disasters, including how to best respond, recover and communicate to get back on track sooner.

Marketing and promoting your tourism business

Learn how to market your tourism business effectively and promote your tours and attractions. Guides on digital marketing.

Managing your tourism business online

Learn how to manage your Queensland tourism business online, including how-to webinars, social media guides and advice about online security.

Employing tourism staff

Topics to help you employ and manage staff for your Queensland tourism operation.

Customer service for tourism

Improve customer service and satisfaction with our templates, guidelines and visitor advice.

Developing tours, attractions and experiences

Use our planning guidelines and product development kits to create new visitor experiences for your Queensland tourism business.

Working with events and festivals

Sponsor or partner with an event or festival to increase opportunities for your tourism business.

Building a resilient tourism business

Learn how to make your business more resilient to natural or man-made incidents and crises. Includes checklists, recovery plans and tools.