Compliance inspections non-compliance scenario - video transcript

Watch the Follow the Law campaign - Compliance inspections (non-compliance scenario) video to understand more about penalties for non-compliance.


A compliance officer, wearing a checked shirt and glasses, appears in a venue. He is surrounded by chaos - drinks all over tables and on the floor, people fighting, a broken CCTV camera hanging from the wall, a fire extinguisher on the floor, and a guy taking a nap at the bar while the bartender serves him a drink. The compliance officer blinks incredulously as he takes in the appalling scene.

[Voice over]

A compliance officer has rocked up to this venue for a routine inspection.

The compliance officer finds patrons passed out, a fire extinguisher on the floor, a fire exit blocked, excess of empty glasses and a small group with way too many drinks stockpiled.

The compliance officer looks around to see if he's being punk'd! He asks to speak to the person in charge.


The compliance officer approaches the nonchalant bartender.


Ugh, one moment.


The scowling bartender disappears. The manager, a young man, enters looking bleary-eyed.

[Voice over]

Looks like this guy just woke up. But he'll receive a bigger wake up call when he fronts court.


The manager appears in court looking ashamed as the judge slams down his gavel with a stern look.

Watch the Follow the Law campaign - Compliance inspections (non-compliance scenario) video.


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