Support and relief for liquor and gaming licensees affected by coronavirus (COVID-19)

Due to the current effects of coronavirus (COVID-19) in Queensland, there is help available for liquor and gaming licensees.

Support includes waiving 2020–21 liquor licensing fees for current licensees as at 30 June 2020, payroll tax relief, funds for re-training and job-matching, and providing a $500 rebate on electricity bills.

The Queensland Government has released a roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions – find out how this easing of restrictions affects hospitality and other business closures.

Waiving annual licence fees

If you are a current liquor or wine licensee as of 30 June 2020, your 2020–21 fees will be waived.

Licensees are not eligible for a pro-rata refund of their 2019–20 liquor licence fees.

For new licensees in 2020–21, you will be required to pay your annual licence fee on a pro-rata basis for the relevant licence type and risk criteria (if applicable).

This means if you become licensed in November 2020, you will not be charged fees for the remainder of November, but you will be liable for fees for each full month remaining in the financial year—in this case, 7/12 of the relevant fees.

But when applying for the extended trading hours approval you do not have to pay this fee for 2020–21 if you were licensed at 30 June 2020 and still hold the same liquor licence.

If you held a liquor or wine licence on 30 June 2020, you will not receive an annual fee notice in 2020–21. You should take this time to log into the client portal and update any relevant information, including any changes to your contact details.

An updated licence document will only be sent to you if you change your operations (e.g. increase trading hours).

Tax relief for pubs and clubs

The Attorney-General and Minister for Justice announced $50 million extra tax relief for Queensland pubs and clubs who are affected by the new measures introduced in response to the COVID-19 health emergency.

This announcement includes the deferral of March 2020 gaming taxes and health services levies, which has been extended from July 2020 to February 2021.

Gaming Tax Notice 2020

The new terms of gaming tax deferrals will be included in the Gaming Tax Notice 2020.

Licensees will be required to pay their deferred March 2020 gaming machine tax in 3 equal instalments. The instalments represent a third of the value of the deferred taxes and will be collected automatically from nominated bank accounts on 10 February, 12 April and 10 June 2021.

Licensees have the option to pay their deferred gaming machine taxes in 1 lump sum in February 2021, but will need to notify us (email by 30 November 2020 of their intention to do so.

The Gaming Machine Tax Notice 2020 will be available on the Queensland Legislation website.

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