Electronic gaming machine operations during coronavirus (COVID-19)

The roadmap to easing COVID-19 restrictions indicates that gaming and gaming venues can open in Stage 3 (3 July 2020).

Licensed monitoring operators (LMOs) will be progressively bringing gaming sites back online before midday 3 July 2020. LMOs will contact licensees with any issues or concerns that relate directly to their site.

Powering on gaming machines

If you turned your gaming machines off, you should take care when powering them back on. In particular:

  • ensure gaming machines are individually powered off before turning the mains power on
  • turn mains power on
  • power each gaming machine on one at a time
  • turn on site controller and other communications equipment.

Gaming machines that are already powered on should remain on and should be largely unaffected.

End-of-month reporting (Forms 42, 61 and 75)

Venues that have not operated gaming machines for a full calendar month are not expected to complete the monthly variances record (Form 61) and monthly self-assessment (Form 75). These forms are still required where gaming machines have operated for part of a month.

Similarly, where a venue's accounting system does not automatically generate a monthly gaming machine reconciliation report (Formc42), the licensee is not required to prepare this form for months where no gaming has occurred.

Email gamingcompliance@justice.qld.gov.au if you have any questions about this.

Unclaimed ticket in, ticket out (TITO) tickets

Under the Gaming Machine Act 1991, licensees are required to remit to the Queensland Government any gaming machine payments that are unclaimed after 12 months. After this period, any person wanting to redeem their TITO tickets at the venue are referred to us to make the payment to the player.

Any person with an unclaimed ticket that is more than 12 months old can still present it to the venue to redeem. If the monies have been remitted to us, preferably the venue should redeem the ticket and send us the relevant documentation for reimbursement.

Alternatively, the venue can give the relevant documentation to the patron to complete and send to us to receive their payment directly.

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General enquiries 13 QGOV (13 74 68)

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1300 072 322

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  • Media enquiries (07) 3738 8622