Development approvals and state-owned native forest timber

You may be able to remove and use state-owned native forest timber on applicable state-owned and privately-owned land where you have obtained a development approval.

Under the Forestry Act 1959 the State owns native forest timber on applicable state-owned land as well as on some privately owned land. The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) administers the Forestry Act.

State-owned land and timber

State-owned land includes:

  • leasehold land
  • reserves
  • state forest and timber reserve under the Forestry Act.

In some cases, the State also owns the native forest timber on privately owned land where State ownership has been retained through a forest consent agreement.

Removal or use of state-owned native forest timber

Unless authorised by other legislation, removing or using state-owned native forest timber requires authorisation under the Forestry Act. For more information about authorisation refer to how we sell state-owned timber and other forest products.

Salvage harvesting prior to clearing

If you propose to clear native forest vegetation with a development approval issued under the Planning Act 2016 or any other legislation, we may want to arrange for the salvage of this timber before the clearing occurs. We will contact you if we do; however, if you have not heard from us but believe salvage harvesting of the native forest vegetation may be required, please contact us using the details below.

We will work with you to identify opportunities for salvage harvesting, mindful of your time frames and requirements.

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