Plate galler

The plate galler is a tiny wasp that completes its life cycle in the flat part of the leaves on young western white gum. The feeding larvae induce the tree to produce plate-like gall tissue on the upper leaf surfaces.

As the most important known pest of western white gum, it causes severe defoliation in young plantations.

Scientific name

Ophelimus spp.


  • Raised, brown plate-like galls on the upper surface of leaves.
  • Plate gall masses often cover the leaf surface completely.
  • Very small exit holes of adult wasps are sometimes seen on the gall surface.


  • Mainly found in Queensland.


  • Western white gum (Eucalyptus argophloia).


  • When severe, the damage can affect all leaves, resulting in complete defoliation.
  • Tree growth can be affected significantly for the first 1–3 years in plantations.

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