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Installing and maintaining VMS units

All vessel monitoring system (VMS) equipment must be installed and maintained by an authorised technician. Fisheries Queensland can provide you with a list of authorised technicians on request.

Before you install or maintain a VMS unit

You must notify Fisheries Queensland of any installation or maintenance work done on a VMS unit, and complete the relevant form/s below:

Installation – completed by approved technician

Maintenance – completed by approved technician

Any work done on an existing VMS unit must be carried out in accordance with the VMS Installation and Maintenance Standards.

Any work done on a vessel tracking unit must be carried out in accordance with the Vessel Tracking Installation and Maintenance Standard.

Confirm the unit is working properly

When installing a new VMS unit your vessel can't go to sea until Fisheries Queensland has confirmed that the unit is working properly.

Contact Fisheries Queensland's VMS unit on (07) 3087 8803 for technical support.

Report a faulty VMS

You must report a faulty VMS unit by calling the 24-hour VMS hotline on (07) 3211 9111.

Your vessel can't go to sea until Fisheries Queensland has confirmed the unit is working again.

Use these flowcharts to find out what action to take if your VMS unit malfunctions at sea or in port.

Manual reporting

If you can't fix your VMS unit you will need to manually report your boat's position.

Carry a back-up VMS unit

We recommend installing a secondary VMS unit on board your vessel as a back-up (i.e. in case the primary unit stops working).

A secondary unit runs in parallel but does not poll as frequently as a primary unit.

Request permission to use a secondary VMS unit

To use a secondary VMS unit as your primary unit, for any period of time, you must make a request to Fisheries Queensland. This is important because fishing days are normally calculated on your primary VMS unit.

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