Bigeye bycatch reduction device

The bigeye is a type of bycatch reduction device (BRD). The opening (or horizontal slit) of the bigeye BRDs has the same dimensions as the fisheye BRD. The bigeye opening is held open with floats and weights and is located a set distance from the drawstring.

Bigeye BRD specifications

Distance of opening from drawstring (A in diagram)

  • Otter prawn nets: 66 meshes
  • Beam trawl nets: 80 meshes

Minimum width of opening (B in diagram)

  • Otter prawn nets: 350mm
  • Beam trawl net: 230mm

Additional specifications

  • The opening must be at the top of the net.
  • During trawling the opening has a weighted forward section and a buoyed rear section with at least two 50mm x 90mm floats attached.
  • The edges of the opening do not overlap by more that 200mm.
  • Nothing is allowed to cover any part of the opening during trawling.

Image of a bigeye bycatch reduction device.

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