Reducing bycatch in trawl fisheries

Bycatch is the incidental catch of non-target species that are returned to the ocean instead of going to market.

Queensland's trawl fishery uses bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) to minimise bycatch where possible.

Under the Fisheries (Commercial Fisheries) Regulation 2019, commercial fishers operating in the east coast trawl fishery must install an approved BRD in each net used.

There are 5 types of BRDs, with different features designed to exclude specific bycatch species.

Turtle excluder devices (TEDs) are mandatory for:

  • all otter trawl nets
  • some beam trawl nets.

Approved BRDs

Each fishery area must use one of these approved BRDs.

Northern area (north of 16 degrees)

Central area (16–22 degrees)

Shallow area (outside of the northern, central and deepwater net area)

Deepwater net area

Scallop nets (anywhere)

  • Scallop square mesh codend only