Commercial line fisheries

From 1 September 2021, there are new rules and reporting requirements for Queensland commercial fisheries.

Find fact sheets on the new rules and reporting requirements.

Line fishing is one of Queensland's main forms of commercial fishing, producing approximately 2200t of product, valued at about $34.5 million a year.

There are 5 line fisheries operating in tidal waters from the Queensland border with the Northern Territory to the border with New South Wales:

  • the coral reef fin fish fishery
  • the rocky reef fin fish fishery
  • the pelagic fishery (including Spanish mackerel, which extends throughout Queensland's offshore waters, including the Gulf of Carpentaria)
  • the Gulf of Carpentaria fin fish fishery
  • the deepwater multiple-hook fishery.

All 5 fisheries use fishing lines, with a restriction on the number of lines and hooks that commercial fishers can use.

Some of the catch is sold locally as frozen or fresh fillets, steaks or whole fish, while some is marketed as live fish for export.

This guide gives an overview of Queensland's commercial line fisheries, including management areas, target species, gear used, licensing and regulations.


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