Register of fisheries authorities

You can access information about who is authorised to use Queensland's fisheries resources:

  • commercial fishing authorities (licences, permits, quota units, and trawl effort unit holdings)
  • developmental approvals (aquaculture).

Search publicly available information

Search the fisheries register of authorities on FishNet Public for free to see:

  • an authority type, number, and conditions
  • name and postal address of the holder of an authority
  • a list of boats authorised to operate in a particular fishery
  • people authorised to conduct a type of fisheries-related activity.

Ask Fisheries Queensland for further details

If you want more information than what's available on FishNet Public, apply to have Fisheries Queensland conduct a more complex or detailed search on:

  • a specific authority
  • a group of authorities (e.g. list of all authorities with a T1 fishery symbol, list of all CT line units etc.)
  • development approvals for aquaculture.

You can request to have this information provided as a certificate to use as evidence in a legal proceeding.

How to apply

  1. Complete the application form.
  2. Submit the form by post or email.
  3. Pay the application and search fees.


  • Individual licence search results: $73.66
  • Group listing search results: From $147.21 up to 1st hour of work.
    $53.04 per hour, or part hour beyond the 1st hour.
  • Certificate excerpt of details from register: $183.86

Information privacy

Fisheries legislation restricts what information can be released to the public about authorities and their holders.

Only the information indicated on page 2 of the application form can be released. Residential addresses and phone details remain confidential to Fisheries Queensland.

Fisheries Queensland may need to contact you to clarify details on the application you submit.

View your own authority details

If you hold an authority, log in to FishNet Secure to view details about your own authorities.

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