Operational factors that influence site selection

Before choosing a site for your land-based marine aquaculture business, you should think carefully about your operational requirements.

Species requirements

The species you plan to farm will determine specific site requirements, particularly water salinity.

Ensure the species will thrive in the local climate (if they are farmed in outside ponds) and can tolerate the region's usual weather extremes. Enquire about any pollution-generating industries in the area or other issues that might adversely affect your stock, such as crop spraying or vibrations from blasting.

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Choosing a production system

Decide on a production system before selecting a site.

Generally, marine aquaculture production systems use purpose-built, land-based ponds. Salt or brackish water is pumped to the site and the systems operate on water exchanges to maintain water quality.

Water drained from the ponds is discharged back to the sea or river (after solid wastes are settled in a treatment pond). Some systems incorporate water recirculating systems that reduce the reliance on water supplies.

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