Commercial factors that influence site selection

You may need to consider several commercial factors when selecting a site for your land-based marine aquaculture business.

Consider your markets

It is important to know your markets and their location before selecting a site. Think about both your initial and long-term markets. You should also consider your site's position in relation to processing facilities.

Your site should be close to customers in order to reduce transport costs. Ideally, it should have all-weather road access. Avoid sites with access difficulties for large vehicles or regular traffic.

Research the local economy

Choose a region that offers the necessary support for business growth. The success of your activities may rely on access to a local workforce and opportunities for skills development and training.

Check there are suitable local services and technical assistance available. Community support for aquaculture and a strong or emerging industry sector are also desirable.

General considerations

When assessing a site, consider your need for the following requirements:

  • room to grow - the site should be large enough to build a worthwhile business and cater for future expansion
  • security - ensure the site can be cost-effectively secured against theft and potential bird/animal predators. Onsite accommodation is recommended for both security and quick response in an emergency
  • utilities - the site should have access to three-phase power and good communications
  • cultural heritage - check there are no cultural heritage issues affecting the site such as Native Title claims.

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