Operational factors that influence site selection

Consider the operational requirements of your aquaculture business before deciding on a suitable site. This includes the following:

Species requirements

The species you plan to farm will determine your site requirements.

Make sure the species will thrive in the local climate (if they are farmed in outside ponds) and can tolerate the region's usual weather extremes. Enquire about any local industries that might pollute, or other issues that could adversely affect your stock, such as bushfires.

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Choosing a production system

Production systems used in freshwater aquaculture are usually limited to ponds, tanks, raceways and aquariums. All of these need a reliable supply, and a large amount, of good-quality water.

Some systems can recirculate water to reduce the reliance on an external water supply. If you choose this kind of system, access to water won't be as much of a priority for site selection.

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