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Technology and plant varieties available for commercialisation in Queensland

The following opportunities are currently available for commercialisation and licensing. They offer individuals and businesses opportunities for commercialisation in world-class research and development. They include new technologies in agriculture and timber usage, as well as new plant varieties to boost productivity and improve end products.

These ventures are initiatives of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (DAF) to support business growth and sustainability in Queensland's agriculture, forestry, aquaculture and fishing industries.

Pest control strategies and products

The following products have been developed to assist with improved pest control:

  • organic pest control using cypress extracts - a safe, organic and environmentally friendly way of controlling insects using extracts from cypress timber
  • fruit-piercing moth bait - a bait developed by DAF to attract and kill fruit-piercing moths, a pest that attacks and can cause major damage to at least 50 different fruit varieties. The technology offers better and more environmentally friendly pest control.

Quality broadacre field crop and forage varieties

The following developments offer improved broadacre field crop and forage varieties:

  • world-class sorghum germplasm - DAF, with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), has developed sorghum inbred lines with enhanced sorghum breeding features such as drought and disease resistance