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Sheep and goats - earmarking

Due to significant numbers of applications being received, fully completed applications will be processed within 50 working days of arrival at Licencing Transaction Unit. Fully completed applications will be processed in the order received.

Incomplete applications will be returned for completion and resubmitting.

To legally use brands or earmarks on sheep and goats in Queensland you must submit an application and pay the correct fee.

Earmarking requirements

Earmarks must be placed in the off (right) ear of a male animal and the near (left) ear of a female. All earmarks must be made using pliers and must not remove more than one-third of the ear.

It is illegal to use any instrument (e.g. a knife) other than earmarking pliers for earmarking.

View the shapes and patterns of sheep earmarks.

Age or class marks

Any owner of a registered sheep and goat brand or earmark may use any number of distinctive marks to denote the age or class of their sheep or goats. However, these marks must not be made on the same ear as the registered sheep earmark. They also must not be, in the opinion of the Registrar or a Stock Inspector, similar to or readily convertible into any sheep earmark registered and used in the same locality.

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