Repairs to overland flow structures

Overland flow water is water (including floodwater) that flows over land outside of a watercourse or lake after having fallen as rain or after rising to the surface naturally from underground.

Overland flow structures include gully dams, ring tanks, flow-concentrating channels, and retaining walls that can redirect and take overland flow water.

Maintenance or repair of existing structures

Works to take overland flow water can be maintained and repaired in regulated areas without further approvals, provided:

  • the works are not altered so they store more water
  • the specifications still meet the details provided in overland flow notifications, certifications or licences.

Changes to existing structures and new structures

If you want to make changes to existing structures or install new structures, contact your local business centre for advice.

Depending on the type of work you may need to obtain a development permit or ensure that works comply with the accepted development requirements before starting any work.

Levee banks

Different regulation apply to levee banks. Contact your local business centre for advice.

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