Drywood termite species in Queensland

Drywood termites damage timber structures in coastal areas and adjacent tablelands in Queensland.

Each of the 4 introduced species has a restricted distribution within this zone, but the native species Cryptotermes primus is more widespread.

Cryptotermes brevis (West Indian drywood termite) is the most destructive species of drywood termite and so is of economic importance in Queensland.

Australia's other native species are of little economic importance.

Common name

Scientific name

Native or invasive


West Indian drywood termite

Cryptotermes brevis


Maryborough, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Townsville and Rockhampton, plus other parts of coastal Queensland

Indo-Malaysian drywood termite

Cryptotermes cynocephalus


Around Cairns and in other parts of northern Australia

Domestic drywood termite

Cryptotermes domesticus


Around Cairns and further north

 Cryptotermes dudleyi


Thursday Island (native to Indonesia and Java but exotic to Australia)

Native drywood termite

Cryptotermes primus



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