Insects and pests

Identification guides and control advice for insects and pests.


Beneficial insects

Find a list of beneficial insects of broadacre field crops in Queensland.

Field crop insect pests

Find a list of insect pests of broadacre field crops in Queensland and northern NSW.

Horticultural insect pests

View the list of insect pests that affect different horticultural crops.

Priority plant pests

Some pests and diseases are of such concern that you are legally required to report sightings.

West Indian drywood termite

An overview of West Indian drywood termites, including their spread in Queensland and how to treat the pest on your property.

Fire ants

An overview of fire ants in Queensland, including biosecurity zones and information about your obligations to help stop the spread.

Electric ants in Queensland

The electric ant is category 1 restricted matter, and you have an obligation to inform the Queensland Government of possible electric ant colonies.

Managing insect pests

Advice to manage and control pests on your property.