Managing lice in sheep

Lice are external parasites that may cause extensive economic losses to your wool growing business. If sheep have lice they can become irritated, causing them to bite themselves and rub up against anything available. This damages the fleece by matting the fibres together and tearing the tip of the wool fibres.

Managing lice in sheep with LiceBoss

LiceBoss is an industry tool that helps Australian farmers treat and control the spread of lice and parasites in their sheep.

LiceBoss will help you:

  • understand the different causes of itchiness and rubbing in sheep
  • identify lice and diagnose an infestation
  • understand how lice are spread from sheep to sheep (i.e. via close contact)
  • assess the risk of new animals introducing lice into the flock
  • decide on the most appropriate treatment option.

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