Managing flies in sheep

Blowflies are a constant problem for sheep. Serious losses occur every year in the Australian sheep industry due to this parasite. Problems such as flystrike can arise in a very short space of time when conditions are suited to blowfly activity and sheep are susceptible.

Managing flies in sheep with FlyBoss

FlyBoss is an industry tool that helps Australian farmers understand how flystrike develops, and control the effect of blowflies on their sheep.

FlyBoss will help you understand:

  • the life cycle of the blowfly, including how
    • to identify adult and maggot flystrike species
    • different climatic conditions affect the development of fly populations
    • a 'flywave' can occur
    • paddock topography may alter the risk of flystrike
    • fly population monitoring can assist with minimising strike in the flock
  • what conditions make sheep susceptible to flystrike, including
    • what traits increase individual sheep susceptibility
    • how to breed against these traits to increase flock resistance to flystrike
  • what management tools may decrease animal susceptibility, such as
    • tail docking
    • crutching
    • breech modification
  • the options for chemical prevention and treatment of flystrike.

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Flyboss tools

You can use FlyBoss tools to identify the best product to use on flystrike by comparing price and effectiveness. You can also learn how to optimise your treatment schedule.

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