Writing a proposal for an animal ethics committee

Institutions that establish an animal ethics committee (AEC) must, in consultation with the AEC, develop documentation (an application form) for AEC approval to commence a project or activity. The institution can determine the style of the application form.

However, the application form to commence a project/activity must include the information required by clause 2.7.4 of the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, known as the scientific use code.

In preparing your application you will need to provide this information in plain English so that all AEC members can understand the proposed use.

Investigators and teachers are required to notify the AEC in writing if they are involved in collaborative studies using animals at another institution, or if they are named in an application to the be considered by the AEC of another institution (clause 2.6.8)

Contact your AEC to establish how to access their application form(s) and submit a proposal (application).

Tips for submitting a successful proposal

  • Read the relevant sections of the scientific use code and the AEC's guidelines for preparing and submitting their proposal application form.
  • Ensure you address the governing principles of the code.
  • Ensure you provide all relevant information required in the application form.
  • Above all, use plain English that all members of the AEC can understand.

If you have any questions or wish to discuss your application then contact the AEC Secretary or AEC Chair.