Prohibited devices, events and traps

The Animal Care and Protection Act 2001 (the Act) bans certain devices, events and traps that are inhumane to animals.

Prohibited devices

The use or possession of a prong collar is prohibited in Queensland. Prong collars cause pain and fear and can cause bruising and wounds. Aversive training methods, including the use of prong collars, can compromise the animal's welfare. There are many other more humane and effective ways to control a challenging dog.

A maximum penalty of $4,644.00 applies for possession of a prong collar and a maximum penalty of $15,480.00 applies for the use of a prong collar.

It is illegal to import prong collars into Australia under the Customs (Prohibited Imports) Regulations 1956 (Commonwealth) unless permission has been granted by the Federal Minister for Home Affairs.

Prohibited events

Some uses of animals are unacceptable in Queensland. The Act calls these 'prohibited events'. Prohibited events include:

  • cockfighting
  • bullfighting
  • dogfighting
  • coursing
  • certain types of hunting
  • certain events that cause animals pain. This may include events in which people attempt to catch, fight or throw animals.

Under the Act it is an offence to organise, supply animals to, participate in, or be present at prohibited events.

The maximum penalty for an individual convicted of participating in a prohibited event is $46,440.00 or 1 year imprisonment. For those present at a prohibited event without a reasonable excuse, the maximum penalty is $23,220.00 or 1 year imprisonment.


Rodeos are not prohibited events. Rodeos are regulated by the Code of practice about rodeos (the Code) in schedule 8 of the Animal Care and Protection Regulation 2023. The Code sets out the requirements for the care, handling and use of animals at a rodeo.

Possession or use of certain traps or spurs

There are no specific types of traps banned in Queensland, but you should ensure that any traps you use are designed to minimise pain for the trapped animal.

Causing an animal pain that, in the circumstances, is unjustifiable, unnecessary or unreasonable is animal cruelty.

Spurs that have been made inoperable and are for display or part of a collection are allowed to be possessed. Otherwise, it is an offence to possess and use:

  • a spur with sharpened or fixed rowels
  • a cockfighting spur cap.

A maximum penalty of $15,480.00 applies for possession of a prohibited spur and a maximum penalty of $46,440.00 applies for the use of a prohibited spur.

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