Agriculture industry associations

You can get connected with other businesses in the agriculture industry by contacting your industry association. They often arrange events, seminars and networking opportunities where you may be able to find suppliers, make contacts, and generate new business.

Industry organisations often run training and education programs, as well as providing you with information about your industry (i.e. how legislation changes will affect you). They may also lobby on behalf of your industry to influence government policy.

Contact your industry association to find out how they can help you to run your business.

Agriculture (general)

  • AgriFutures Australia
    AgriFutures Australia partners with Australian rural industries and the Australian Government to focus on the future of Australian agriculture.
    AUS-MEAT and AUS-QUAL are agribusiness auditing, certification and training providers that support compliance with local and international growing and production requirements.
  • Australian Farmers' Markets Association (AFMA)
    AFMA is a voluntary organisation which supports the development and growth of sustainable farmers' markets across Australia.
  • Australian Women in Agriculture (AWiA)
    AWiA helps women influence the agricultural agenda by providing current information to assist them to influence decision-making at all levels.
  • Future Farmers Network
    Future Farmers Network builds the engagement and networks of participants in agriculture aged 18 to 35 years.
  • National Farmers' Federation (NFF)
    NFF is the peak national body representing farmers and, more broadly, agriculture across Australia. Individual farmers join their respective state farm organisation and/or national commodity council. These organisations collectively form NFF.
  • Queensland Farmers' Federation (QFF)
    QFF unites 16 of Queensland's peak rural industry organisations who collectively represent more than 13,000 primary producers across the state. Through QFF, rural industry resources are pooled to ensure powerful representation and effective strategy development on important issues.
  • Overseas Counsellors Network
    Overseas Counsellors Network develops and maintains access to international markets for Australia's agricultural industries.

Livestock industries (beef, dairy, sheep, pigs and poultry)

  • AgForce
    AgForce has been the unifying voice for Queensland's beef, sheep and grain producers since 1999. Member benefits include competitive pricing on agricultural products, great deals with leading agribusinesses and discount prices on vehicles.
  • Australian Chicken Growers Council Limited (ACGC)
    ACGC represents the interests of contract meat chicken growers at the national level.
  • Australian Chicken Meat Federation Inc. (ACMF)
    ACMF is the peak coordinating body for participants in the chicken meat industries in Australia. The Federation represents Queensland Chicken Meat Council.
  • Australian Dairy Farmers (ADF)
    ADF is a not-for-profit organisation representing the interests of Australian dairy farmers. The organisation is a strong collective voice to Government and the community on national issues affecting dairy farmers and their profitability.
  • Australian Dairy Industry Council (ADIC)
    ADIC is a peak national representative body which provides a unified approach to industry and government advocacy.
  • Australian Eggs
    Australian Eggs is a producer-owned not-for-profit company representing about 400 commercial egg producers (caged, barn-laid, free range, specialist). Members receive industry news, involvement in marketing and public relations campaigns and a range of other benefits.
  • Australian Livestock & Property Agents Association (ALPA)
    ALPA is the national industry body for livestock and property agents that represents more than 1200 agencies in Australia. ALPA provides members with reliable information on livestock prices, wool prices, new products, industry standards, development and legislation to aid the sales and marketing of property.
  • Australian Lot Feeders' Association (ALFA)
    ALFA is the peak national body for the feedlot industry in Australia. The national body's mission is to lead the industry in a manner that fosters excellence and integrity, improves the feedlot business environment, and ensures its community standing.
  • Australian Pork Limited (APL)
    APL is a rural industry service body for the Australian pork industry. As a producer-owned company, APL keeps members up to date with a comprehensive range of general pig industry information, while investing in marketing, export development, and research and innovation.
  • Australian Wool Innovation (AWI)
    AWI is a not-for-profit company owned by more than 27,000 Australian woolgrowers. AWI invests in research, development, innovation and marketing along the global supply chain for Australian wool.
  • Boer Goat Breeders' Association of Australia (BGBAA)
    BGBAA is the Australian breeders association that oversees the development of the Australian Boer goat for the commercial market.
  • Cattle Council of Australia (CCA)
    CCA is the peak producer organisation representing Australia's beef cattle producers.
  • Dairy Australia
    Dairy Australia is a national industry body that assists farmers in a changing operating environment to achieve a profitable and sustainable industry.
  • FutureBeef
    FutureBeef is a collaborative project for the northern Australia beef industry with an aim to support sustainable and profitable productivity gains.
  • Goat Industry Council of Australia (GICA)
    GICA is the peak national body representing and promoting the national interests of Australian goat meat, fibre and dairy producers.
  • Leading Sheep Queensland
    Leading Sheep Queensland is a network of Queensland sheep and wool businesses leading the way for a more profitable industry through new technologies, knowledge and skills.
  • Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA)
    MLA is the declared industry marketing and research body for Australian red meat and livestock producers, contributing to profitability, sustainability and global competitiveness.
  • Queensland Dairyfarmers' Organisation (QDO)
    QDO is the peak advocacy organisation representing the interests of and providing services to dairy farmers across Queensland. Members receive incentives and discounts, as well as comprehensive information about the industry.
  • Red Meat Advisory Council (RMAC)
    RMAC is the peak body representing the collective interests of Australia's red meat and livestock industry.
  • Sheep Producers Australia (SPA)
    SPA is the peak industry organisation for sheep and lamb producers. It works to enhance the industry's productivity, profitability and sustainability by representing all producers to industry decision-makers and stakeholders.
  • The Australian Livestock Export Corporation (LiveCorp)
    LiveCorp is a not-for-profit industry service provider with approximately 45 members and associate members involved in the export of Australian livestock.
  • WoolProducers Australia (WPA)
    WPA is the national peak industry body representing farmers whose primary business is growing wool. WPA speaks on behalf of the mainstream wool industry and represent the concerns and hopes of wool growers.
  • Young Dairy Network Australia (YDNA)
    YDNA is Dairy Australia's project network that supports local networks of young dairy farmers and employees.


  • Apple and Pear Australia Limited (APAL)
    APAL is the peak industry body representing commercial apple and pear growers in Australia.
  • Australian Asparagus Council (AAC)
    AAC is the peak industry body representing asparagus in Australia to achieve long-term industry growth by developing new markets and improving existing markets.
  • Australian Banana Growers' Council Inc (ABGC)
    ABGC is the Australian banana industry's peak national association, representing over 800 banana growers. ABGC provides key industry information about a range of issues, including tracking the retail pricing of bananas.
  • Australian Lychee Growers Association (ALGA)
    ALGA is the peak national body which initiates and oversees the promotion, research, export market access and the agri-political issues that will ensure the long-term sustainable future of the Australian lychee industry.
  • Australian Macadamia Society (AMS)
    AMS is the peak industry body for the Australian macadamia industry, and currently has over 600 members who are responsible for 90% of Australia's macadamia production.
  • Australian Mango Industry Association (AMIA)
    AMIA is the peak industry body for the Australian mango industry. Its aim is to encourage the growth and development of the industry. AMIA members include mango growers, associated businesses and industry representatives.
  • Australian Melon Association (AMA)
    AMA supports the melon agribusiness in Australia.
  • Australian Nut Industry Council (ANIC)
    ANIC is the federation representing 7 Australian nut producing industries at a national level.
  • Australian Olive Association (AOA)
    AOA is Australia's peak industry body for olive growers. The association provides members with up-to-date information about the industry, discounts when participating in AOA-organised events and the opportunity to actively participate in and contribute to the development of the olive industry.
  • Australian Society of Horticultural Science (AuSHS)
    AuSHS is a professional society for the promotion and enhancement of Australian horticultural science and industry.
  • Australian Table Grape Association (ATGA)
    ATGA is the peak industry body representing Australian commercial table grape growers.
    AUSVEG is the national peak industry body representing the interests of Australian vegetable and potato growers and is committed to securing the industry's future.
  • Avocados Australia
    Avocados Australia is the representative industry body for the Australian avocado industry. It provides a range of services to members and the broader industry to foster growth and development.
  • Citrus Australia
    Citrus Australia is the recognised peak industry body representing Australia's commercial citrus growers. It is supported by over 250 grower and affiliated members to provide vital services to the industry.
  • Custard Apples Australia
    Custard Apples Australia represents and promotes the Custard Apple industry in Australia.
  • Feed Ingredients and Additives Association of Australia (FIAAA)
    FIAAA is the national peak industry organisation representing suppliers of feed ingredients and additives in Australia. Feed ingredients are nutritive component parts or constituents of any combination or mixture making up a feed. Ingredients may be of plant or animal (including aquatic) origin or other organic or inorganic substances.
  • Growcom
    Growcom is the peak representative body for Queensland horticulture, striving for the long-term growth and profitability of horticultural farms and the industry. Members (including growers, pack houses or labour providers) receive relevant and practical services, advice and information.
  • Greenlife Industry Australia
    Greenlife Industry Australia is Australia's peak industry body representing commercial nursery growers, retailers and suppliers. NGIQ is charged with providing leadership, support and additional resources to drive key industry initiatives, which meet the goals of the industry strategic plan.
  • Nursery and Garden Industry Queensland (NGIQ)
    NGIQ is Queensland's peak industry body representing the nursery industry, providing technical, industrial and commercial services to members.
  • Passionfruit Australia Inc. (PAI)
    PAI is the peak industry body and represents growers, nursery owners and workers, processors and other passionfruit industry participants.
  • Strawberries Australia Inc.
    Strawberries Australia is Australia's peak industry body for the strawberry industry.
  • Summerfruit Australia Limited (SAL)
    SAL is the industry voice on a national and international level. It is the peak industry body for growers and works closely with other interested groups, government and supply chain partners to maximise profitability for the industry.

Regional industry groups

Broadacre cropping and sugarcane

  • AgForce
    AgForce has been the unifying voice for Queensland's beef, sheep and grain producers since 1999. Member benefits include competitive pricing on agricultural products, great deals with leading agribusinesses and discount prices on vehicles.
  • Australian Cane Farmers Association (ACFA)
    ACFAs goal is to provide sugarcane farmers with information and representation to better run their farming businesses.
  • Australian Sugar Milling Council (ASMC)
    ASMC represents Australia's raw sugar manufacturers and exporters to create opportunities for a profitable and sustainable industry.
    CANEGROWERS is the peak representative body for Australian sugarcane growers. On behalf of growers, CANEGROWERS negotiates with government on industry issues and provides services and advice tailored to local needs.
  • Cotton Australia
    Cotton Australia is the peak body for Australia's cotton-growing industry. Cotton Australia's main role is to provide information, support and advice to assist growers in cotton production.
  • Cotton Innovation Network
    Cotton Innovation Network coordinates the cotton industry's research, development and extension activities to facilitate a collaborative approach to achieving the industry's long-term goals.
  • Pulse Australia
    Pulse Australia is the peak industry body representing all sectors of the Australian pulse industry, from growers and agronomists through to researchers, merchants, traders and exporters.
  • Queensland Sugar Limited (QSL)
    QSL is a not-for-profit organisation providing pricing, financing, marketing and operations services.
  • Sugar Research Australia (SRA)
    SRA is Australia's specialist sugarcane research organisation investing in evidence-based research, development and adoption activities.

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