Agribusiness contacts and associations

Industry associations offer services such as training programs and networking opportunities to connect you with other businesses in your industry.

Use the links below to find relevant agricultural, fisheries and food industry bodies, associations and networks.


Access a list of general and regional agriculture industry contacts and networks such as industry groups including for meat and livestock, horticulture, broadacre cropping and sugarcane.


Find the aquaculture industry contacts and networks that may be available to assist you with general aquaculture or farming of specific species.


Make contact with, or form networks through food industry associations for help and advice on food and beverage topics, including innovation and technology.

Local government in Queensland

Local governments play a key part in the promotion, facilitation and support for investment into regions. Learn more about the role of the Local Government Association of Queensland.

Regional Natural Resource Management (NRM) groups

Find your regional NRM group through a Queensland-wide interactive map, or use the links below to connect with your local NRM group and information on programs, resources and events in your region.


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