About one-stop service for development and investment in sustainable agriculture

Agriculture is important to our regional communities and economy. In recognition of this, the Queensland Government has delivered a one-stop service as part of our continuing commitment to build a sustainable, productive and profitable agriculture, fisheries and forestry industry.

The one-stop service is a client management system for agriculture, and related supply chain clients, to facilitate development or investment projects from both direct enquiries and those generated through trade and investor delegations and interaction with industry.

Our regional staff will assist you to navigate government information and processes, and provide the correct referrals to other information and services such as funding, business growth, trade and export. This approach allows us to respond to the individual characteristics of your projects, assist you with practical support and interpret data to help realise development and investment in agriculture. Download the agribusiness project facilitation flowchart.

The one-stop service provides this web information portal, specifically developed to assist you in finding the most relevant information and services that you need to progress your development or investment in agriculture. This may be for a new business or to expand or diversify an existing one.

We provide information to help you:

This web portal is a single gateway to current and relevant information including on trade, investment and export, planning and development, and business and industry support.

We are continuing to improve this service by increasing access to information as well as making it easier to use.

Enquiries, support and feedback

  • Contact our Customer Service Centre on 13 25 23.
  • Contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Regional Directors.
  • Complete the short online questionnaire to:
    • help us better understand your needs
    • enquire about a specific industry opportunity in Queensland
    • be contacted by our agribusiness project facilitation staff if your development or investment project is ready to progress.


Complete our quick questionnaire to help us provide referrals tailored to your needs.

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