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Overview of agricultural land audit

The Queensland Agricultural Land Audit identifies land important to current and future production and the constraints to development, highlighting the diversity and importance of Queensland's agricultural industries.

The audit includes:

  • maps showing current and potential agricultural land use
  • strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to agricultural development for each region across Queensland
  • information on land uses, infrastructure, biophysical conditions and constraints to agricultural development.

It is a key reference tool to help guide investment in the agricultural sector and inform decision-making to ensure the best future use of the state's agricultural land.

Land and resource managers, investors and government officers can use the audit to:

  • inform strategic policy, planning and investment decisions. This may include the protection of locally important agricultural areas, investment in infrastructure which supports agriculture (e.g. roads, water supply) or natural disaster planning
  • assist in modelling the impact of certain developments on agricultural land. This may include biophysical information such as soil type, identification of suitable alternative development areas or co-location of compatible land uses
  • drive local and regional economic development opportunities such as increasing market access, demonstrating best management practice or providing certainty to different land use sectors within a region
  • conduct due diligence assessments.

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