Permanent survey marks

All permanent survey marks in Queensland are registered in the Survey Control Database (SCDB), which includes coordinates, height, access notes and other administrative information.

This information is generated mainly by the surveying industry, which supports the development, maintenance and dissemination of Queensland's surveying and mapping infrastructure.

Accessing survey control information

Under the Queensland Government's open data initiative, we have published survey control information through the Location category globe in the Queensland Globe. Survey control reports of marks are free and include the permanent survey mark plan. Read the information about the survey control functions when you are in the globe.

Alternatively if you know the number of a permanent mark, it is possible to access the Survey Control Report (with sketch) directly from any standard web browser, including on mobile devices. The Survey Control Report URL needs to contain the six digit permanent mark number, including any leading zeros. For example, for PM number 1234 the URL is: (PDF, 71KB)

The Survey Control Register file on QSpatial contains all data from current records of the SCDB, as well as ellipsoidal heights and positional uncertainties where available. This data is available for free bulk download.

SCDB can be accessed from most of our business centres. A range of reports are available. Contact us for more information.

Copies of original survey field records can be obtained from the SCDB manager. Email

Submitting survey mark information

Control surveys must comply with the Intergovernmental Committee on Surveying and Mapping ICSM standards and practices for control surveys.

New permanent mark forms

Details of new permanent marks must be provided to the Department of Natural Resources and Mines on 1 of the following forms:

For information on how to prepare and lodge permanent survey mark plans, read:

Maintenance of permanent survey marks

Email with any updates to existing permanent marks or information about any irregularities observed in the field. Please submit information using:

Online lodgement

Surveyors will soon be able to submit new survey control marks or update existing marks via their desktop software. Only persons authorised to place permanent marks may use the service. Please email for more information and to arrange a licence agreement.

Interference with survey marks

Permanent survey marks are important reference marks and should never be disturbed. Contact us if a project is likely to interfere with a survey mark.