Sustainable housing laws for the building industry

Read an overview of laws, codes and requirements for building sustainable houses.


Building in Queensland's climate zones

Read information on different design requirements and recommendations for Queensland's different climate zones.

Energy equivalence building standards (star and Whole of Home ratings)

Find out how new houses, townhouses and units are awarded an energy equivalence rating based on design.

Covenants and body corporate by-laws for sustainability

Find out more about how the law effects covenants and body corporate by-laws around sustainable buildings.

Hot water systems

Read information on hot water systems and tempering valve requirements for residential buildings.

Electricity sub-metering for buildings

Read about how residential and office buildings must have electricity sub-metering installed.

Energy efficient lighting

Find out how to minimise energy use through installing energy efficient lighting.

Water efficient fixtures

Read more about the types of fixtures required to meet water efficiency standards.

Sustainable buildings and housing guidelines

Read guidelines for sustainability in new building design and construction, including the phase out of Refrigerant R22 and peer review of energy equivalence.