Methods of research

Research can be straightforward and cost-effective. There are research organisations and agencies that can assist, or you can use our free market research kit.

Market research kit

Our free market research kit gives you access to data, statistics and other information taken directly from your industry.

You can tailor your research to your business type and location. Sources of market research information include:

Research organisations

Although some research organisations charge for information, many can provide you with detailed information at low cost, or, in some cases, for free. This is because organisations often conduct research for other purposes, rather than specifically for you. You can then search for, or request, only the information that is relevant to your business.

A good example is the Australian Census (conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics), where a survey is sent to every household in Australia and the data is compiled and analysed for a variety of purposes.

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Other agencies and organisations

There are many agencies and organisations that you may not think of as traditional 'research organisations'. However, they can supply you with essential information as you start and run your business.

Examples of useful organisations include:

  • The Office of Fair Trading can provide you with guidance on refund policies, how to avoid unfair business practices and a range of other issues.
  • Your local council can give you details about zoning regulations, rates and other important information.
  • Fair Work Ombudsman has information on awards and agreements, employee entitlements, leave, and ending employment.
  • can give you independent business advice and help with support and training.
  • Australian Securities and Investments Commission has information on starting a small business, business names, running a company, and more.
  • Austrade assists exporters, buyers and trade investors.

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