Identifying customer needs - video transcript

In a case study video Lauren Wheeley, the owner of The Perfect Little Wedding Company, explains the importance of asking your customers lots of specific questions to identify their needs:

[Lauren Wheeley, Perfect Little Wedding Company]

I'm Lauren Wheeley and I'm the owner of The Perfect Little Wedding Company, and we're a wedding planning business here in Brisbane.

Without us knowing exactly what it is the bride and groom want from their wedding day, we can't establish the right foundation for them, so we need to know, even in-depth details like what sort of flatware they want to use at the reception, what sort of flowers the bride likes, or doesn't like, what colours work well – not only with their bridesmaid's dresses but throughout their whole wedding. So, for us we need to know the in-depth details and the most important thing for our service is to make sure we give that to the bride and groom on their day.

When I planned my own wedding I really discovered how hard it was to work full-time and try to have a life and also plan your wedding which is just so much invested time. So once I'd done that I really started investigating the wedding planning industry in Brisbane and speaking to as many women as I possibly could about their wedding planning experience, and what I learnt from that really was there are a lot of event specialists that can also plan weddings, but not many people who solely focus on planning weddings as their core business. And I also discovered that a lot of women felt that they struggled throughout their wedding process. So from that I was able to really structure my business model and then the services I now offer to my clients because I understood what it was they were looking for.

From our business procedures we have a 6-month time period where we refocus on what our customers are really looking for, and the main reason for that is the wedding industry changes so quickly – we need to make sure we're on top of what's happening. But also, when I spend my marketing dollar I want to make sure that I'm really getting the most out of it and to be able to do that I need to focus in on exactly what it is my brides are looking for.

When I started my research for setting up The Perfect Little Wedding Company I really focused on what it is my customers wanted from my business, as opposed to how I would achieve that or how I would deliver that to them.

We have our own Facebook page as well as our own website, but we are heavily involved in Facebook and Twitter.

For us our top priority would be communication. We're not able to understand what the customer is looking for if we can't ascertain what it is they really, really want. Not just, 'yeah, we want roses', but what particular shade of pink did you want those roses in. So, we need to be very specific, and we ask lots of questions, and we tend to ask 'why' a lot.

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