Registering your domain name

What is a domain name?

A domain name is a web address (e.g. that allows you to have a professional presence on the internet.

There are different types of domain names. Some have special requirements, while others are less strict. The following is a brief description of the most common types:

  • is intended for Australian businesses, companies and incorporated bodies. Most Australian businesses use this type of domain.
  • is intended for commercial entities, such as companies (registered with Australian Securities Investments Commission (ASIC) and businesses (registered with state governments). It is most often used by companies with an information technology (IT) focus.
  • is intended for charities and non-profit organisations.
  • is intended for non-commercial Australian associations (including incorporated associations, political parties, trade unions, sporting and special interest clubs).

How to register your domain name

Check the availability of your domain name

Choose a domain name. Use the public WHOIS service to check its availability. If your domain name is not available, think about other options (e.g. acronyms, or the names of products or services you offer).

Check the eligibility of your domain name

Different criteria apply for the various types of domain spaces. Check the Australian Domain Name Administrator (auDA)'s policy on domain name eligibility and allocation for more information.

Register your domain name

Register your domain name. Use the list of auDA-accredited registrars to find an accredited registrar and follow their registration instructions. Services, charges, terms and conditions may vary from registrar to registrar, so check differences carefully.

Remember to note when your domain name will need renewing so it doesn't expire. Letting your domain name expire could leave your business vulnerable to cybercriminals. Read more about the risks of abandoned domain names from the Australian Cyber Security Centre.

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