Types of intellectual property

Learn about the types of intellectual property, including automatic rights and rights for which creators and owners of intellectual property must apply.



Learn about when copyright law applies, what it protects and the rights of copyright owners.


Learn why Australian patent law is important for people who invent something new and useful.


A summary of the usefulness of trademarks.

Registered design

Find out about the requirements and process to register a design and the rights of the registered design owner.

Plant breeder's rights

Find out about plant breeder's rights (PBRs) for a registered variety and how PBRs operate in relation to other forms of IP rights.

Circuit layout rights

Find out how circuit layout rights are protected under Australian law.

Moral rights

Describes the moral rights of authors as defined under the Copyright Act, and when those rights apply.

Confidential information

Keeping information about your invention confidential, or using trade secrets instead of applying for other intellectual property rights.