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Being uninsured, underinsured or having the wrong kind of insurance could force your business to close in the case of fire, staff or customer injury, personal illness, product defects or staff errors. The right insurance can keep your losses to a manageable level.

Compulsory insurance

There are many common types of business insurance available. Only a few are required by law. The main 2 are workers' compensation insurance and compulsory third party (CTP) insurance. Workers' compensation is compulsory for all employers. CTP insurance is compulsory for all motor vehicles.

Some industries have specific insurance requirements, so check with your insurance company or broker.

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Seek advice

A professional insurance broker can help you make the right insurance choices. They can put together a comprehensive and cost-effective package of insurance policies for your business. You should seek specialised advice if your business is classed as a high insurance risk. Contact the National Insurance Brokers Association to find a broker.

Insurance checklist