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Employing staff

Staff with the right skills and knowledge will help make your business a success. Before hiring, you must understand your obligations as an employer. These vary depending on the type of staff you hire, which may be:

  • permanent (full- or part-time) employees
  • casual employees
  • trainees or apprentices
  • contractors (working for a fixed term and who are established in their own business)
  • temporary employees (e.g. from an employment agency).

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Your obligations

It is important for you to understand employment legislation and your obligations towards the people who work for you. Obligations can cover considerations such as:

  • pay as you go (PAYG)
  • payroll tax
  • superannuation
  • awards, pay rates, leave, employee entitlements and employee hiring and termination
  • WorkCover insurance
  • work health and safety
  • anti-discrimination and equal employment opportunities.

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Finding and hiring staff

Finding and hiring the right staff can be expensive and time consuming. Before you hire new staff, consider whether existing staff have the skills or knowledge that you need, or are able to acquire them with more training.

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Employing staff checklist