Business rights and responsibilities

It is important to know your obligations and legal requirements for operating a business in Queensland. This can be complex because regulations can apply to many different areas of your business.

To help you understand the obligations, legal requirements and responsibilities that may affect your business, learn more about the following areas:

Legal structure
Different legal structures will affect your tax, liabilities, operating costs and more.
Your tax requirements will depend on your type of business and number of employees.
Business name
You will need to register a business name if you want to use a name other than your own name or a company name.
Work health and safety
You are legally obliged to keep your workplace safe for customers, employees and other visitors.
Licences, permits and registrations
The licences you require will depend on your type of business, where you operate and how you operate.
Your location can affect the licences required, and the type of business, trading hours and goods allowed.
Employing staff
Obligations apply to areas such as tax, health and safety, pay and entitlements, superannuation, workers' compensation and training.
There is a type of insurance for different areas of your business, some of which may be compulsory.
Competition and Consumer Act 2010
The Act covers areas such as pricing, advertising, warranties and refunds.
Codes of practice
There may be one or more codes of practice that your business must comply with.
Trade marks, patents, intellectual property
It is important to legally protect your idea, product, design or business identity.
Find out about illegal selling methods and your obligations regarding selling online, lay-bys and door-to-door selling.
Weighing and measuring goods
There are regulations around weighing and measuring your goods, and the instruments you use to do this.
Product safety
Many products must comply with mandatory information and safety standards.
There are environmental restrictions on some businesses and likely to be more in the future. Water restrictions may also apply to you.
Exporting and Importing
There are customs duties and regulations, quarantine standards, and other restrictions on exporting and importing goods.
You must understand how privacy laws apply to your business and how to manage personal information.
Consumer rights and responsibilities
Find out about your customers' rights and responsibilities including guarantees, warranties and refunds.