Compliance, enforcement and engagement

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Electrical Safety Office inspectors help to educate workplaces and the public on electrical safety matters and conduct investigations and compliance actions to enforce Queensland's safety laws.

Inspectors, their conduct and entry powers

Inspector's entry powers

Inspectors are appointed under the Electrical Safety Act 2002. They have the power to enter any place that:

  • would be is a workplace, or the inspector reasonably suspects is a workplace, under the control of a person who has an electrical safety duty, and is:
    • open for carrying on business
    • or

    • otherwise open for entry
  • entry is urgently required to investigate the circumstances of a serious electrical incident or dangerous electrical event
  • they have an authorised search warrant for.

For places used for residential purposes, entry by an inspector is only exercisable:

  • with the consent of the person with management or control of the place
  • or

  • under the authorised search warrant.

To minimise inconvenience to your workplace or another area, inspectors aim to carry out their role in a consultative manner. It is an offence to not allow the inspector to carry out their duties. You should not obstruct, threaten or interfere with inspectors who are exercising their powers.