Small Business Friendly Councils initiative

The Small Business Friendly Councils (SBFC) initiative has been established to recognise and support local councils in Queensland that are actively supporting small businesses in their area and helping small businesses to recover and build resilience following disasters and economic challenges. It recognises a commitment by councils to be mindful of small businesses, their issues and priorities when making decisions for the local community.

Benefits for councils

Participation in the SBFC will enable councils to:

  • access tools and resources to assist councils with small business resilience and recovery
  • use the Queensland Small Business Commissioner's (QSBC) SBFC identifier and brand assets to promote their commitment to being small business friendly
  • promote their initiatives on the SBFC website
  • join a community of like-minded small business friendly councils
  • participate in regular forums
  • help attract investment and commercial opportunities to stimulate growth in the local economy
  • access a dedicated point of contact within the QSBC to seek immediate advice or information regarding available programs and support.

Read our SBFC flyer which provides more information for interested councils.

Benefits for local small businesses

If you're a small business in a SBFC area, you may benefit from:

  • a greater focus on helping small businesses to grow and employ more local people
  • increased access to tools and resources to support business recovery and resilience
  • simplified administration and regulation (reduced red tape)
  • increased opportunities to promote and showcase your business
  • greater access to fair procurement and prompt payment terms for suppliers to councils.

Become a Small Business Friendly Council

To participate in the SBFC initiative, councils sign a Charter which demonstrates their commitment to their local small business community.

The Charter promotes local small business success through the following key commitments:

  • effective communication and engagement
  • raising small business profile and capability
  • supporting resilience and recovery
  • simplifying administration and regulation (reducing red tape)
  • ensuring fair procurement and prompt payment terms
  • promoting placed-based programs
  • promoting and showcasing small business
  • measuring and reporting on activities.

Councils are invited to identify 2 place-based programs (activities or priorities) which create the right environment for small businesses to start, grow and build resilience. These may include activities or priorities that are already being delivered.

The SBFC initiative will be implemented progressively, to help councils in the current climate. Subject to an assessment process by the QSBC, councils will be granted SBFC status.

Councils will be asked to provide a progress report to the QSBC within 6 months of signing the SBFC Charter, outlining how they are working towards meeting their commitments. An annual progress report will demonstrate how councils are continuing to meet their commitments under the SBFC Charter.

Participating Small Business Friendly Councils

The following councils have signed the SBFC Charter and in doing so, have agreed to the commitments set out in the Charter to support small businesses in their local area:

  • Ipswich City Council
  • Scenic Rim Regional Council
  • Gympie Regional Council
  • Mackay Regional Council
  • Whitsunday Regional Council
  • Toowoomba Regional Council
  • Cairns Regional Council
  • Tablelands Regional Council.

To submit an expression of interest, or to learn more about the initiative, read our SBFC flyer or contact the Office of the Queensland Small Business Commissioner.