Obtaining strategic cropping land maps

The current version of the strategic cropping land (SCL) trigger map is available for download. This map results from information provided by the Agricultural Land Audit and the Queensland Land Use Mapping Program.

The trigger map is a starting point for identifying strategic cropping land. The map is based on soil, land and climate information, and indicates the location of land that is expected to be SCL in Queensland. On-ground assessment against the SCL criteria will confirm the extent of SCL at a property or project level.

Online property maps

An SCL trigger map for your property can be requested using this online form. The map is free and will be emailed to you as a PDF file. The map is A3 portrait and should be printed at this size to obtain the best resolution.

Request a trigger map


To view the SCL trigger map through GeoResGlobe:

  1. Click on Layers.
  2. Click on Add layers +
  3. Scroll down, then expand the Constrained lands layer by clicking the arrow on the right.
  4. Check the box next to Strategic cropping land.

Statewide and zone maps

GIS data

GIS data is available free from the Queensland Spatial Catalogue (QSpatial). To find the datasets, enter strategic cropping land in the search box at the left of the page.

From the files displayed, select the ones you want to download by checking Download dataset, then select the format of the data and add your email address. Once you have completed the check-out prompts you will be emailed a link that will allow you to download the data.

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