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Local free maps

Maps of Australia, Queensland and the Brisbane region in A4 size can be downloaded for your personal or in-house use.

Download or save the maps using the settings on your browser.


  • The departmental copyright notice must remain on the map.
  • This acknowledgment must accompany the map:
    © The State of Queensland (Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy) 2017.
  • Read about Copyright and Creative Commons.


Email to organise a different licence if you want to use the maps to generate revenue.

Also consider...

  • View maps, data and imagery of Queensland through the Queensland Globe.
  • Explore and produce Queensland topographic maps through QTopo.
  • Access mining and resource maps through GeoResGlobe.
  • View flood lines, imagery and data through the interactive FloodCheck map.
  • Download spatial data through QSpatial.


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