What are the requirements for registering a design?

The following table explains the requirements for registering a design.

Requirement Description
The design must be new. It must not be the same as another design anywhere in the world.
The design must be distinctive. It must not be substantially similar to another design.
The design must not have been publicly disclosed. If you have sold the product with the design or pattern, or shared a copy of the design, it may be disqualified from meeting the requirements of being new and distinctive.
The design must be applied to a product. The design must be used on a product. A conceptual design cannot be registered.
Similarly, something that is artistic (e.g. drawings or paintings) cannot be registered as a design. These works should be protected by copyright instead.
The product must be portable. Portability means that a design for something fixed (e.g. a building) will not be eligible for registration.