External appearance of a product (registered design)

1. What is a registered design? A registered design protects the shape, configuration, pattern or ornamentation of a product, that is, what gives a product a unique appearance.
2. What rights does a registered design give me? A registered design confers upon the holder the right to stop others using the registered design in the country in which the design is registered.
3. Does a registered design need to be registered? Yes.
4. Does a registered design operate 'worldwide'? No. A separate registered design needs to be sought in each country where the right to realise economic benefits from the registered design is sought.
5. How long does a registered design last? A registered design lasts 5 years. Before the expiration of that time it can be renewed for a further period of 5 years. As it can only be renewed once, the maximum duration of a registered design is 10 years.
6. How do I search existing registered designs to see if my design is new and distinctive so that it can be registered? You undertake search for a registered design on IP Australia's website.
7. How do I make an application to register a registered design? You can file the application online or download an application form from IP Australia's website. You can also engage a patent attorney to file the application for you.