Domain names

1.What is a domain name?A domain name is an internet address that is used to direct internet users to your website, and emails to your email account.
2.What rights does a domain name give me?As the registered holder of a domain name you have the sole right to direct internet users to your web pages and emails with that domain name address.
3.Is my domain name 'worldwide'?All registered domain names, including their extensions such as '.com' and '.au' are worldwide in the sense that any internet user in the world that visits that domain name with those extensions will always be directed to your website.
However, a domain name can be registered with different extension such as '.com', '.biz' and '.org', and can also be registered with different country extensions such as '.au' for Australia and '.nz' for New Zealand.
A domain name is not worldwide in the sense that it can be registered by different persons who have registered it with different extensions, such as different country extensions.
4.How long does the registration of my domain name last?Indefinitely, so long as the registered holder continues to pay registration renewal fees.
5.Am I entitled to a domain name that is the same as my trademark?If it is available, yes.
6.Am I entitled to a domain name that is the same as my company name or business name?If it is available, yes.
7.How can I find out if the domain name that I want to register is already registered?You can undertake a search with any domain name registrar.
8.How do I make an application to register a domain name?You can apply to register a domain name with a domain name registrar.