Premises security training for staff

Staff security is the first priority for businesses in the event of a security breach. As part of your business security plan you should include staff training in security management procedures.

Robbery response training for staff

For a retail business where employees handle cash, it is important to train staff in what to do in the event of a robbery. Training can be delivered either internally or by qualified external training providers, and should include:

  • threat response
  • behavioural skills
  • emotional competency
  • critical thinking
  • effective communication
  • how to manage stressful situations.

Staff cash handling training

Staff dealing with money should be trained in cash management procedures, including:

  • cash handling
  • using the cash register
  • cash transfers for excess cash
  • safe deposits
  • using the safe — keys and combination locks.

Read more about cash management in the Cash in transit code of practice 2011 (PDF, 762KB).

Train staff on minimising theft

A security risk assessment should identify the highest theft risks on your premises. Train staff to minimise theft risk with security methods, such as:

  • using optimal product placement
  • identifying zones where theft is more likely
  • doing customer surveillance
  • servicing customers
  • recognising suspect behaviour
  • taking specific action in the event of a suspected theft.

Staff inductions and training documents

Staff should have easy access to induction and training documents at any time. New staff should be taken through a staff induction, which includes premises security training. Employers are obligated by law to take their staff through a work health and safety induction.

Code of conduct for your business

Develop a code of conduct to outline the rules, values, ethical principles and vision of your business. It should also set guidelines for staff behaviour in normal business operations and in the event of an emergency.

Read more about setting up a code of conduct for your business.

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