Preparing an incident response plan

An incident response plan is a general plan for dealing with any number of crises that could negatively impact your business. Your incident response plan should describe the types of incidents or crisis situations in which it will need to be used. It should outline the actions that need to be taken to limit the loss of life and property in the time immediately before a crisis, if possible, as well as during and immediately after.

An incident response plan should include:

  • plan activation details, including a clear statement of the circumstances when the plan will be activated and who is authorised to do so
  • incident response team details, including key roles and responsibilities
  • an emergency kit (go-kit)
  • evacuation procedures for your premises
  • a communication plan, including key communication methods and timings needed to keep everyone safe
  • contact lists for all the people you will need to communicate with during a crisis, including staff and emergency services
  • an event log to record information, decisions and actions that you take during a crisis.

This guide explains how you can prepare an incident response plan for your business.