How to apply for disaster grants and assistance video transcript

Watch the video Small business disaster hub - How to apply for grants to learn where to find available disaster assistance for small businesses and how you can apply for them.

Applying for financial assistance following a disaster can be stressful.

Knowing where to find assistance and which grants, loans or subsidies you may be eligible for can be overwhelming.

Check Business Queensland's natural disaster assistance page, which will tell you what support is available across all levels of government.

Assistance can include recovery grants, low-interest loans, payroll tax support and mentoring services.

Eligibility and application requirements will vary for different grants and loans.

But most involve a few key steps.

First, see which grants you are eligible for.

You will need to consider your location, what the money is to be spent on and the impact the disaster has had on your business.

Read the fine print for any additional criteria you may need to meet.

Understand the guidelines to ensure you submit your application properly.

Make sure you review what activities are not funded.

Gather all relevant supporting documents.

These can include letters from your insurer, financial statements, photos of damage, evidence of loss of trade or quotes for repairs or other assistance.

Make sure you allow enough time to source quotes from suppliers before the grant closes.

You will also need to specify exactly how you intend to use the grant.

Check when grant applications close and note down any deadlines.

Be aware some grants are on a first in, best dressed basis, with grants closing once funding is exhausted. You'll need to apply for these quickly so you don't miss out.

Also check how long you have to spend the money you're given as many grants specify a time period.

Now you are ready to complete your application online.

If you're struggling to fill in the application – help is only a phone call or email away.

Phone the Queensland Government's small business hotline on 1300 654 687.

Before you submit, remember to review your responses and attach all your documents.

Once you have submitted your application, you may be contacted for further information.

It's worth applying for more than one grant or loan as you may be eligible for multiple assistance packages.

Response times will vary, but feel free to follow up with a phone call.

Remember to keep within the guidelines of the grant if you are successful!

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For more information or advice phone 1300 654 687 or email

Watch the video Small business disaster hub - How to apply for grants.