How to do customer research on government buyers

Useful resources

Listed below are some resources to help you learn more about a government buyer:

Queensland Procurement Policy

A key resource you may want to consider is government's overarching policy for buying goods and services, including construction. The Queensland Procurement Policy can give you a better understanding of government's drive to deliver excellence in procurement outcomes for Queenslanders. This will better position you to meet the economic, environmental or social outcomes sought by the buyer.

Review the Queensland Procurement Policy 2023 to better understand what guides Queensland Government’s procurement decisions.

What are the buyer's needs

While carrying out your research, you should think about the buyer's organisational needs. For example:

  • What is their buying process and what does it mean for you? Do they have standing lists requirements, thresholds, requests for quotation (RFQs)?
  • Who makes the purchasing decisions? A procurement team, economic development agency or other business group?
  • What aims are they trying to achieve? Review policy and strategy in published documents, publicly available meeting minutes, forums, engagement programs.
  • What are their strengths and weaknesses? What is it you can do that they can't?
  • Does the buyer have a strong environmental concern?
  • Is this tender particularly time-sensitive?
  • What issues are driving the request for services?

The more information you gather about the buyer, the better you can tailor your tender response to their needs.

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