Preparing your business for major projects

Applying for and winning major projects relies on your tendering skills. You also need to demonstrate an ability to respond well to trends in the major project market.

Minimum requirements

As a minimum, you must offer competitive pricing, quality and on-time delivery when supplying to a major project.

You have the best chance of entering and gaining long-term access to major project supply chains if you:

  • demonstrate how your service or product adds value to the project and supports the project's risk management strategy
  • use an established business system
  • have experience in responding to unexpected issues
  • use innovation to improve the efficiency of the project supply chain
  • network to find and create opportunities to add value to the supply chain.

Adapting to change

Because major projects continue to evolve, it's important that you have the flexibility to adapt to change, and be proactive about innovation. You can adapt to change and take action on trends by:

  • identifying and using new technology
  • forming supply chain linkages to secure work on major projects
  • investing in safety systems
  • having the capacity to meet changing project requirements
  • improving value and competitiveness through networking, cost reduction and keeping up-to-date with industry changes
  • addressing environmental priorities through energy reduction, effective systems and recycling
  • improving productivity and performance
  • expanding size and capacity
  • demonstrating a strong customer focus.

Maintaining skill levels

Developing skills and retaining quality staff are crucial factors in winning work on major projects. You can attract and retain skilled employees by:

  • ensuring consistent staffing for projects
  • offering packages to attract and retain staff, particularly to regional areas
  • training staff in new technologies and processes
  • training more apprentices to deal with skill shortages.

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Tendering for government business

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