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Hi. My name's Narissa.

I'm from Business Chamber Queensland.

We're here to speak to you today about ecoBiz and Workforce Evolve – 2 programs that we have that will set your business up for sustainable business practices.

Good morning.

And thank you for joining the conversation today about how Business Chamber Queensland can support your business and prepare for future opportunities across Queensland.

My name is Narissa and I am from Business Chamber Queensland.

I'm the membership manager for the Chamber, and we've also got Eliza and Cathy from our Workforce Evolve and ecoBiz programs outside as well.

Thank you for what you do every day and thank you for being here today as well.

Business Chamber Queensland is the state's peak body.

We're an independent, not for profit organisation.

We're 155 years old and you can't really tell by looking at us, but we have been putting Queensland businesses first since this time.

We provide practical support backed by innovative thinking and powerful advocacy.

Today we are the leading voice for business across Queensland.

We help businesses prosper by supporting education and empowering you to capitalise on extraordinary opportunities that are on offer across Queensland.

We do this through many of our services, such as international trade and export, sustainability, advocacy, workplace and HR services, as well as helping you build your network through our membership.

We're bringing together businesses, staff and Queensland communities to deliver long term sustainable solutions to workforce challenges now and in the future through our Workforce Evolve program

Delivered in partnership with the Queensland Government, Workforce Evolve is designed by business for businesses to ensure greater attraction, retention and participation among the workforce across the state, supporting businesses and your workforce now and into the future.

With some changes in the approach and the use of inclusive employment practices, the Workforce Evolve program will help employers develop recruitment strategies to unlock a new segment of jobseekers and enrich your organisation with the right skills and diverse contributions.

You have free access to a workforce coach for individual guidance and 6 self-paced online learning modules, which allows you the flexibility to choose your starting point based on your specific needs and goals.

Included within the modules are downloadable practical resources and up to 6 hours of free personalised coaching, which will help you convert your learning into action and address your workforce challenges.

The coaching and flexible learning content will support employers, provide employers with the tools and information you need to bring fresh and innovative thinking to your workforce and evolve the way you attract and retain staff.

In addition to this, your coach will be able to connect you with programs, information and resources designed to support, retain participation of specific diverse groups.

In the lead up to the Olympics, becoming Workforce Evolve verified is a great way for your business to address your social governance and business health to get you set up to take up these opportunities.

The best part is the program is free and it's open to any employer across Queensland.

You can scan the QR code or come see us outside for more information.

Sustainable business is no longer a brand value add, but a critical consideration to meet supply chain needs, respond to evolving consumer demand and realise market driven opportunities.

Now in its 10th year, our ecoBiz program is a critical asset in the Queensland business community.

As mentioned many times today and in the Q32 Procurement Strategy, ecoBiz is a key mechanism for your business to get prepared for carbon reduction targets.

Over the past decade, the ecoBiz program has supported thousands of businesses to increase their sustainability efficiencies, reduce emissions and save on utility expenditure, overall helping to futureproof your business in Queensland.

With the help of an ecoBiz coach, the program will assess where businesses can save money and increase efficiencies
across water, waste and energy use.

After your free one-on-one session with our sustainability expert, you'll be provided a report which will give you low, to no cost recommendations and where you can reduce your utility use.

The team will assist you by way of tracking and rewarding your consumption reductions and provide you a carbon snapshot based on your utility data.

Feedback on the program has demonstrated a renewed focus on sustainability, helped businesses attract and retain a workforce, be more competitive in their local market, and cut costs at a time when operating costs are at their highest ever.

At Business Chamber of Queensland, we are working to make sure that every business in Queensland is prepared for future opportunities and to continue the critical role they have in the state's economic future.

ecoBiz will help you measure and manage so that you are best placed to take up opportunities.

So now is the time and Queensland is the place to be in business.

It's opportunities like today for businesses to connect, learn and network, which will set the scene for the state's future economic and business outcomes.

We are on the doorstep of significant business opportunities and it's exciting to think what we can achieve long term as a state's business community.

If you're interested in knowing anything further about Business Chamber Queensland, including how we can support you and your business, feel free to come see us outside or scan the QR code up on the screen.

Thank you.

Watch our Preparing your business for the future video.