One-stop shop - video transcript

Watch our Queensland Procurement Platform: One-stop shop for procurement video.

Hi, I'm Brent.

Today I'm going to be speaking about some exciting developments in our procurement system space.

Good morning.

Yes, so today I get to speak about something really exciting in my space and that's what we're doing with our whole of government procurement systems.

So the Queensland Government identified an opportunity to do something to enhance our procurement capabilities, to deliver on the $180 billion worth of procurement spend that will occur between now and 2032, but also to ensure that we can deliver on the Queensland Procurement Policy, Buy Queensland 23 and the Q2032 Strategy.

In thinking about what we could do in this space, we really wanted to put the supplier experience, your experience at the centre of our thinking. And I'm pleased to be able to tell you that, as the Minister touched on in his presentation, we're teaming up with Local Buy and local councils.

Here's my Olympics talk to introduce a game changing nation-leading, streamlined procurement platform that is set to make it easier for you to win government contracts.

There's my link to our Olympics.

So the new platform means that local councils and state governments will be working off one common platform, making it easy for you to find the procurement opportunities, but also making it easier for our buyers to find you effectively.

What we're creating through this partnership is a one stop shop for procurement opportunities across the state.

We've teamed up with Local Buy because they've already rolled the system out to over 60 councils across Queensland, and with the state government agencies coming on board makes it a pretty powerful marketplace where opportunities are published.

So the platform itself is powered by the vendor panel technology platform.

In the platform, it means that you will create and manage one single supplier profile.

I know we all love multiple usernames and passwords and login details and systems.

We're going to streamline that.

One system to log into, one profile to manage, maintain and update.

And that profile that you create is where you set your notification preferences on what procurement opportunities you would like to see.

Within that profile you'll also build a capability statement of your business and you will choose if you'd like to publish that particular capability statement in the marketplace.

This supplier marketplace functionality is new functionality for our buyers, and it means that they can find you.

They can use the marketplace to search for suppliers based on product and service offerings.

But more importantly, they can use the marketplace to find local businesses by using geographic mapping tools in the system to be able to say, 'Show me all the businesses within a certain boundary of where the work is being done'.

This is really important for us because we want to deliver on the Queensland Procurement Policy and we want to ensure that we're delivering to our local businesses.

As I said, within the profile, tendering opportunities will be published back through your profile, whether they're local council or state government opportunities.

Those opportunities will appear on your dashboard and if you're on a government panel or arrangement, you'll be able to manage the associated information with that panel or arrangement through your profile.

I would encourage you all, if you're not already engaged with any of the tiers of government as a supplier, if you'd like to be a supplier to government to register in the system and create a profile, because that's where our buyers will go to search for businesses.

And if you're not in the system, you're not signalling to us that you want to supply to us.

So the new functionality really will make it easier for you to connect with government buyers and government buyers to connect with you as a supplier or potential supplier.

So we've got a big program ahead of us to roll the system out to all of our state government agencies.

As I mentioned, there's over 60 councils already on board using the platform.

We're going to start onboarding our state government agencies over the next 12 months.

To keep informed with our rollout activities across all of our government agencies, please use the QR code to register for our supplier eNews. That's where we will be broadcasting project progress updates.

But if you have any specific questions, feel free to email us at the better procurement mailbox or I'll be here until 12.

You can come and have a chat to me in the room next door as well.

So thank you.

Watch our Queensland Procurement Platform: One-stop shop for procurement video.